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XTL-2600 stereo zoom microscope 
1. Optics system: Inclination optical viewing system 
2. Square 45 degree incline

Performance of XTL-2600 stereo zoom microscope :


1. Stereo Microscope has some characteristics such as imaging in focus,wide-field and long workig distance.


2. It is suitable for various working condition.


3. widely using in equipment for parts of electronic apparatus,school,scientific research academy and experiment

of biological anatomy.






1.  Objective Ratio: 6.5:1(0.7X-4.5X)


2. Eyepiece WF10X(φ20mm)


3.  Objective: 0.7X-4.5X 


4.  Working distance 95mm


5. Field range 5.1mm-33mm


6.  Binocular distance 55mm -75mm


7.  Light source 110v,220v/12V/10W halogen light  can be adjust